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Getting customer experience right – like really right so you don’t even know your experience has been entirely pre-thought out, planned, and rehearsed until it’s just right, is really difficult to do (If it was easy, more companies would be doing it).

This show looks at the companies, and individuals within those companies, who are getting customer experience right.  Not only do we celebrate the wins, but we go deep, get tactical, and uncover customer experience insights that you can apply to your company.  So give us a listen.  And if you like what you hear, subscribe. 

"What I love most about this show, and any interview I get to do on any of my shows, is the chance to let my guests feel free enough to brag for themselves. To say, 'Yeah, we actually rock the s*%$t out of that!'. That's when I know I'm delivering value - for them, and for my listeners."
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Episode 5: Arleen King, SVP Customer Experience at TELUS, shares how truly putting customers first is the secret ingredient in providing great Customer Experience

Arleen King is Senior Vice President of Customer Experience at TELUS, and is the real deal when it comes to creating a customer centric culture.
Arleen supports more than 6,000 team members in Canada, and 2,800 team members internationally. Her teams go on to provide exceptional customer experience to TELUS’ 13.9 million customer connections – and along with their other brands Koodo, and Public Mobile, that adds up to making life better for 8.3 million wireless subscribers, and over 900,000 TELUS TV customers.
If you’re outside of Canada you might not be familiar with TELUS. You know how folks anywhere love to hate their phone company? TELUS customers totally don’t get that. Year after year, Telus ranks as Canada’s most loved telecommunications company, and once you meet Arleen, you’ll know why.
Thanks as always for listening to my conversation with the incredible, and incredibly nice, Arleen King.
More about Arleen King
Arleen has more than 25 years of experience managing customer service in many areas including the public sector, private sector, outsourcing and the entertainment industry. Since joining TELUS in 1999, Arleen has taken on roles as the Director of Client Care, Vice-president of Client Care and Vice-president of Mobility – but regardless of the team she is supporting, serving customers remains her number one passion.
Throughout her career, Arleen has been recognized for her devoted leadership and ability to empower her own team, receiving the Association of Relationship Marketing Leadership Award, CHLOE (Connections Honours Leaders of Excellence) Champion of Women award, Best Own-it Sponsor award, and has led her team to win numerous industry awards and achievements.
Arleen is currently based in Vancouver with her husband, Steve, and wheaten terrier, Caleigh. She is a member of the TELUS Community Investment Board in Montreal, a yearly participant in TELUS Days of Giving and the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes, and proudly supports the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the West Island organization.
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Arleen isn’t on Twitter, but you can check out her LinkedIn profile here.
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