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Getting customer experience right – like really right so you don’t even know your experience has been entirely pre-thought out, planned, and rehearsed until it’s just right, is really difficult to do (If it was easy, more companies would be doing it).

This show looks at the companies, and individuals within those companies, who are getting customer experience right.  Not only do we celebrate the wins, but we go deep, get tactical, and uncover customer experience insights that you can apply to your company.  So give us a listen.  And if you like what you hear, subscribe. 

"What I love most about this show, and any interview I get to do on any of my shows, is the chance to let my guests feel free enough to brag for themselves. To say, 'Yeah, we actually rock the s*%$t out of that!'. That's when I know I'm delivering value - for them, and for my listeners."
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Ash Anil: How Technical Safety BC Focuses on Customer Experience and Why it Pays Off


Today’s guest, Ash Anil, is Business Leader at Technical Safety BC.. Why is a government organization on a podcast talking about Customer Experience? Turns out focusing on Customer Experience is also good government. Specifically we learn:

a) How focusing on Customer Experience can literally save lives.

b) How Technical Safety B.C. dramatically increased customer satisfaction scores through digitization of common forms and documentation required for compliance.

c) How Technical Safety B.C. continues to innovate for all of its customers in spite of the wide range of technical adoption (some don’t have email, for example).

d) How Technical Safety BC maintains a spirit of innovation that is radically focused on adding customer value.

e) Much, much more….

About our Guest, Ash Anil

Ashutosh Anil has been an innovation leader in the customer experience, product & service industry for almost 2 decades, supporting global organizations such as Best Buy, ADP Canada, Rogers Communications, 3 Telecom UK, Fido Solutions, as well as Canadian SaaS startups like Money On the Go (AKA MOGO) and Rise People. 

As a precise and creative strategic planner, Ash connects
culture, people, and customer centricity to build diverse teams who
passionately and aggressively pursue best-in-class CX. In his current role as
Business Leader at Technical Safety BC, Ash religiously applies customer
centricity to the cause of public participation in safety, inspiring employees
to put CX first in an industry where the concept of “Outside In” value creation
can sometime gets lost.

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