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Getting customer experience right – like really right so you don’t even know your experience has been entirely pre-thought out, planned, and rehearsed until it’s just right, is really difficult to do (If it was easy, more companies would be doing it).

This show looks at the companies, and individuals within those companies, who are getting customer experience right.  Not only do we celebrate the wins, but we go deep, get tactical, and uncover customer experience insights that you can apply to your company.  So give us a listen.  And if you like what you hear, subscribe. 

"What I love most about this show, and any interview I get to do on any of my shows, is the chance to let my guests feel free enough to brag for themselves. To say, 'Yeah, we actually rock the s*%$t out of that!'. That's when I know I'm delivering value - for them, and for my listeners."
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Super glad to be back with you!  I took some time away from the podcast during this pandemic. And now that I’m back and this is going to be a GREAT show for you!

Now that COVID is becoming part of our history, things are OPENING UP!  We have the pandemic on the run!  People are thinking about what it’s all going to be like when we can start calling things “normal.”

One of those things is going to be weddings!  Remember those?  Lots of people, two of whom are pledging their life-long love and devotion for each other, and then there’s drinking, and dancing, and all-around partying?  Yeah!  That was actually a thing!  We did that!

I know a few couples who have actually put off getting married because they wanted to have that “thing,” and now people are really starting to think about making it happen.

Our guest happens to be one of the larger wedding entertainment companies in the New York / New Jersey area.  So, if you want to talk about big weddings, amazing entertainment (where the musicians are often Broadway performers), these are the folks who set that up.

And this podcast is about all things Customer Experience, so what is one of the most intense customer experience situations around?  Weddings!  Our guest, Mike Saulpaugh, has a really interesting take on what it means to deliver a great customer experience.

About our Guest, Michael Saulpaugh

Michael Saulpaugh is Managing Partner at Elegant Music Group, based out of Montclair, NJ. In addition to his 18 years in the events and entertainment industry, Michael has a professional background in creative advertising. His work has been featured in Adweek and BuzzFeed has called him, “hilariously clever.”  Michael, as you’ll hear, is all about leveraging the experience of the customer to drive business growth, and was selected to and is now a contributing member on the Forbes Business Council.

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