Stephen Hahn-Griffiths, from The Reputation Institute, shares the Value Customer Experience has on Brand Reputation


Can we draw a line between Customer Experience, a company’s overall reputation, and an organization’s overall business performance?  While the answer is “yes,” just how specifically we can do that might surprise you.
We all know that providing incredible Customer Experience is the right thing to do.  This episode’s guest, Stephen Hahn-Griffiths, from The Reputation Institute, has the business case to back it up.
In this episode we discuss:

* The incredible value providing a consistent customer experience adds to your organization’s overall bottom line.
* The importance of “predictive service” and how organizations that are mastering that are adding tremendous value by creating an experience that anticipates what their customers want.
* Stephen announces the surprising, and not-so-surprising, leader in customer experience (a scoop for this podcast!  Thank you Stephen!).  It may surprise you at first, and then you’ll say, “Oh!  Of course!”
* In this world of tech-driven innovations, how can companies without the budget to invest in big data not be left behind in the world of incredible customer experience.

About our Guest:  Stephen Hahn-Griffiths
Stephen Hahn-Griffiths is the Chief Reputation Officer for the Reputation Institute, and plays an active role in spearheading the Reputation Consulting and Custom Measurement needs of their major clients.  Stephen was previously a partner and co-owner at Protobrand, a boutique insights and strategy consultancy in Boston. Prior to that, he was the Chief Strategy Officer at leading multi-national ad agencies, including Leo Burnett, Mullen, and Saatchi & Saatchi.
He is often cited as a reputation expert and has been featured in leading business media such as Forbes WSJ, CNBC, NPR, Bloomberg, and this very podcast.
Contact Information
You can reach Stephen on Twitter here:  @shahngriff
You can find Stephen LinkedIn by clicking here 
About The Reputation Institute
The Reputation Institute is the global leader in reputation intelligence.  Plain and simple, they’re the world’s leading reputation research-based consulting and advisory firm, looking at data from more than 7000 companies per year, across 55 countries, in 20 different industries.  They help organizations answer key questions: 

* What is my reputation and how does it compare?
* How can I improve and protect my reputation?
* What is the business impact of better managing my reputation?

Click here for their website.
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