Gary Edwards from Golfdale Consulting: When the DATA shows that doing LESS Customer Service provides a BETTER overall Customer Experience.


What happens when a data whiz teams up with a policy and communications guru?  Turns out it’s a very happy marriage – both literally and figuratively in a customer experience and business sense.  My guest today, Gary Edwards, is ½ of Golfdale Consulting.  Here’s why I wanted you to meet Golfdale, and Gary.
In This Episode We Discuss:
a) How you may be doing too much customer service
b) How being inspired by a high profile keynote speaker talking about over-the-top customer service might be the worst thing to happen to your Customer Experience initiative
c)  How public policy can have unintended consequences, negatively impacting your ability to deliver great CX to all of your customers, and what you can do about it.
d) How understanding the distinction between “service” and “hospitality” can mean the difference between getting customer experience right, and driving your customers to the competition.
e)  Lots lots more….
About our Guest – Gary Edwards of Golfdale Consulting
Gary Edwards has over two decades of experience in executive leadership roles. Gary currently is a Principal with Golfdale Consulting which he founded with his partner Hande Bilhan, on a mission to help companies improve their analytics strategy, positioning and advocacy.
Previously Gary was instrumental in the 10 year growth and sale of Empathica, a pioneering Customer Experience Management software company serving global Fortune 1000 companies.  Prior to Empathica, Gary served as the Country Manager and SVP of Gallup Canada.
Also…Gary is ½ of the consulting firm, Golfdale Consulting.  The other half is his partner, both in business and in life, Hande Bilhan.  Golfdale combines Customer Experience, data, and very savvy messaging and public policy influence.  So when organizations want to get a sense of the impact government regulations can have on customer experience, they call Golfdale.
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