The Future of Retail: Bringing the in-store experience into your home. Guest Oscar Sachs, CEO and Co-Founder of Salesfloor


Traditional retail has been on a slow, but steady decline for probably the last decade.  So much so that retailers were getting super creative to find a way to bring you into the store.  In-store mini concerts, dining options like great coffee shops or pop-up kitchens, were becoming a trend in some of the higher-end stores.  And then – you guessed it – COVID-19 hit and the way we used to shop is pretty much history.So, since you probably can’t go to that favourite store of yours, or maybe these days you’re less inclined to, what if there was a way to somehow bring that in-store magic to you, in the comfort of your home?Today’s guest, Oscar Sachs, is the CEO and co-founder of Salesfloor.  Salesfloor empowers store associates to provide the personalized service customers love by connecting store associates to shoppers both in-store, and online.  Think Facetiming with your favourite sales associate right there in the store.  Salesfloor has over 45,000 associates from leading retailers in apparel, beauty, jewelry and baby items and toys.   Salesfloor is redefining the role of store associates in N. America, and globally.  And with retail trending how it’s been trending, simply put, they’re the future of retail. About Our Guest

Oscar Sachs

Oscar Sachs is the CEO and co-founder of Salesfloor.  Formerly a retail executive responsible for store operations at the Aldo Group and Best Buy, Oscar led some of retail’s earliest omnichannel initiatives to create a bridge between the online and bricks and mortar retail worlds. Oscar Sachs is the founder of several successful start-ups in the retail digital space, such as Ad Splash Media, the first company to develop a digital media program for the top online ecommerce sites. Oscar earned his MBA degree from McGill University.For the Salesfloor website, click here.

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