Canadian Spa Icons Celine Tadrissi, and Elena Zinchenko: How Spas Thrive through Constant Innovation

In this episode we sit down with two of Canada’s leading entrepreneurs in the spa industry and take a close look a how each of them responded to the COVID-19 lockdowns, discovered new ways to innovate, and emerge from the worst of the pandemic lockdowns ultimately stronger than they were pre-lockdown.

Today’s Guests: Celine Tadrissi, and Elena Zinchenko

Celine Tadrissi is the founder / owner of Hammam Spa by Céla. With 2 locations in Toronto, Hammam Spa has been one of Toronto’s most beautiful and renowned spas since opening their first location 15 years ago.  Hamman Spa by Céla was recently awarded Canada’s Top Day Spa for 2021 by the London England based World Spa Awards.  Celine tadrissi is also the founder of luxury skincare line, Cela and sits on the board of directors of the Leading Spas of Canada, which is how we met.

Elena Zinchenko also on the board of directors of Leading Spas of Canada (and a former chair) is the spa Director at the luxurious TenSpa, which she helped launch 17 years ago in the beautiful Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg, in the province of Manitoba. Elena is also the business director of The Face Bar, also in Winnipeg, which she launched 2 years ago.  The Face Bar’s mission is to bring intensive skincare treatments and medical grade products to the public at affordable prices because top quality skincare shouldn’t have to be a luxury.

In this episode, we discuss:

  1. How “remembering the why” of being in business provided a focus on where to innovate
  2. How a commitment to top quality kept loyal clients guests coming back
  3. How strategic collaboration with other brands helped to bring in new clients
  4. Much more!

To Contact Our Guests:

Elena Zinchenko:

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Celine Tadrissi

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  2. Click here to connect to the luxury skincare line, Céla

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